Concert performance - Seafaring Throughout the Centuries

Concert performance - Seafaring Throughout the Centuries
Foto: F64 Photo Agency
Event information

A concert performance dedicated to the Hanseatic legend will take place in one of the oldest gardens of Riga - the Dome Cathedral Garden.

Water, the city, and freedom were the hallmarks and values of the Hanseatic League, uniting almost 300 cities in north-eastern Europe over 400 years.

In the concert performance, these values will be transformed into modern metaphors - longing, dream, and fulfillment, which will be achieved by representatives of six different art trends, based on the findings of the German historian Carsten Jahnke, summarized in the book called Hanseatic League.

The concert performance will be broadcast live on, as well as on large screens in Dome Square, Brīvības Square, and Vērmane Garden.

For the visitor's attention

Photographhy and filming will take place at the event. By attending the event, you consent to the processing of your personal data.

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