Exhibition "The Path to the Fair Hansa"

Foto: F64 Photo Agency
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11. novembra krastmala

Advocating for fair trade pays off. With the exhibition The Path fo the Fair Hansa, ten posters show how the historic Hanseatic League had been organized for centuries and how merchants successfully traded with each other over long distances. Was everything fair at the time? And how is it today?

The Fair Hansa project group created this exhibition to explore these issues. Since the founding of the international union of cities Die Hanse (Hansa) in 1980, the Hanseatic spirit has come to life every year, especially during the annual International Hanseatic Days and local Hanseatic festivals. The topic ‘’fair trade’’ has been on the agenda of Hansa since 2014. As it happened, what exactly does fair trade mean and what can be affected globally if the Hanseatic cities stand up for fair trade - these are the main questions this exhibition asks. The exhibition features a variety of photographs and images and is very informative, vibrant, and colorful.


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